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JS Party JS Party #273

CSS Color Party 🎉

2023-04-28T16:40:00Z #css +1 🎧 16,110

Adam Argyle joins Amelia and Nick to catch them up on all the goings on within the world of CSS colors. There are a lot more options than you’d expect if you haven’t been keeping up, and Adam’s here to help you avoid the “gray dead zone”!

JS Party JS Party #53

VisBug is like DevTools for designers

2018-11-23T12:00:00Z #javascript +2 🎧 6,809

Google UX Engineer Adam Argyle joins Jerod and KBall to share all the details on VisBug, his just-released Chrome Extension that “makes any webpage feel like an artboard.” Adam is passionate about doing for designers what Firebug (and later DevTools) did for developers. In this episode, he shares that passion and how it’s driven him to create and open source VisBug.

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