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2021-03-21T21:48:07Z ago

Awesome show! I’ve been an NVDA user over three years (been blind nearly 4 years) and am learning about frontend development with a focus on accessibility. Kudos to Spotify for really wanting to provide a great user experience for all. I subscribed to Spotify last year mainly because it is so accessible.
And great job to Emma and Tryggvi for being so knowledgeable and aware and empathetic. It might seem like focusing on a small set of users, but, speaking for myself at least, it’s a set of users that greatly appreciate the effort and being treated with dignity.
And to one of Emma’s closing comments, without sounding too bitter, you’re right on re Slack. It’s not inaccessible, but it’s not something I enjoy using. I use it for a while because so many organizations use it as their community engagement. At some point the cognitive load overwhelms my desire to contribute and I turn off Slack (and maybe go listen to Spotify or Changelog++).
I’ll be sharing this episode with some blindness focused groups and recommending both Spotify and Changelogg++.


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