Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #508

A guided tour through ID3 esoterica

This week we turn the mics on ourselves, kind of. Lars Wikman joins the show to give us a guided tour through ID3 esoterica and the shiny new open source Elixir library he developed for us. We talk about what ID3 is, its many versions, what it aims to be and what it could have been, how our library project got started, all the unique features and failed dreams of the ID3v2 spec, how ID3v2 and Podcasting 2.0 are solving the problem differently, and how all of this maps back to us giving you (our listeners) a better experience while listening to our shows.


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2022-10-03T18:49:06Z ago

The rating system and playcount I can only imagine being intended for use in managing a personal collection, rather than communicating between listeners.

I could use this to create playlists of my top rated songs, or maybe the stuff I don’t listen to very often.

I’ve been wanting to implement playcount and a “last played” timestamp in my setlist manager (geared toward cover bands) to ensure each gig is different.

2022-10-04T11:56:22Z ago

Yeah, I think they were also intended for a local collection. Mostly.
The Popularimeter having support for multiple people could be accounted for as supporting a family of users. But it could also be a way of avoiding removing existing ratings as an MP3 file gets shared around.
It is generally a bit weird though as most MP3 players probably didn’t have an email identity for you at the time.

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