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A UI framework that runs (almost) entirely in Web Workers  ↦

Tobias Uhlig:

Neo is based on top of ES8 and uses the latest ES features as long as they can run directly inside the browser. This is one of the major design goals: the dev mode can run inside a browser without needing any JS related builds or transpilations. Instead of using any kind of templates, persistent JSON structures are in place. The combinations of these concepts lead to a pretty amazing performance and adds new possibilities for scaling to the UI area.

I haven’t seen any benchmarks or examples where using Neo produces extreme performance, but conceptually it makes sense that moving computationally expensive things to background threads would keep your UI thread snappy.


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2020-05-26T21:14:09Z ago

At the moment the most impressive example is probably the covid dashboard => helix view.

Here is a short demo video:

You can either use a magic mouse / trackpad scrollX or use the rotation slider.

To really stress out the browser, the helix is dom based => 1 div node for each item. Every wheel event updates 200+ dom node inline styles. Since wheel fires extremely often, I got up to 30.000 dom manipulations per second this way on my local dev env.

The online examples are here:

Thx for sharing!

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