ARM Mac: Why I'm worried about virtualization  ↦

Docker is expected about 5x slower…

Docker on a Mac utilizes a hypervisor. Hypervisors rely on running the same architecture on the host as the guest, and are about about 1x - 2x as slow as running natively. Since you’re running ARM Mac, these hypervisors can only run ARM Linux. They can’t run x86_64 Linux.

And, “VirtualBox won’t work.”

VirtualBox is a hypervisor. Therefore, it won’t be able to run x86 Windows or x86 Linux.

And, “Boot Camp won’t work.”

Boot Camp is an Apple-approved way to dual-boot Mac OS and Windows. Boot Camp will definitely not be available on ARM Macs. It might be added later with the ability to run ARM Windows, though Microsoft would have to approve.


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2020-06-25T20:06:58Z ago

Never tried done it before, but I believe it should be possible to run ARM versions of Docker images.
I don’t know if Docker supports having a conditional “FROM” instruction though to take the ARM version of an image if you’re on an ARM computer, but use the x86 version for everyone else.

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