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2020-11-16T21:42:21Z ago

Great episode!
DivOps seems to be inspired by the FrontendOps movement Alex Senton started back in 2013. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2013/06/front-end-ops/
Personally I like to think of FrontendOps (and DevOps) as a culture. Most companies cannot afford a FrontendOps (DivOps) team, and even if they could, creating silos of specialists instead of distributing them across teams tend to slow down products delivery.
I talked extensively about this topic back in 2018: https://giamir.com/frontendops
The point I was stressing out at the time is that often time in vertical product teams there is a lack of awareness of all these “operations” that need to happen in the frontend space to deliver great developer and user experiences.
Thanks for airing great content every week! 😊

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