Petros Amoiridis

Being a programmer again  ↦

I was a programmer for 12 years. I then switched to support and people management for 12 years. I now want to go back to programming for the rest of my career. I started working at Zed Industries on January the 17th, helping build the Zed editor and be a Rust programmer wannabe. End of June is going to be the judgment day. Will I remain part of Zed?

That’s right. I have a six month contract with the company my ex-GitHub colleague founded. They are trusting me to become productive in Rust within 6 months. With no prior experience in Rust, this feels like a Herculean feat. The interesting part is that I abandoned a high-paying job to do this. And by the end of the six month contract, Zed Industries and I may decide to part ways and still be friends.

And I am blogging about my experience so far. It’s a mix of personal learnings and small technical bits and pieces sprinkled here and there. But it’s mostly about my personal experience.


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2023-02-28T19:22:08Z ago

With Rust your chances are quite good

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