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Bitwise – learn by creating the software/hardware for a computer from scratch  ↦

Per Vognsen has started live streaming daily while he builds a computer from scratch. The backstory:

After working as a game developer and systems programmer for over 15 years at places like Epic Games, NVIDIA, RAD Game Tools and most recently Oculus, I decided it was time to take a break from professional programming and spend a few years pursuing a long-time dream of mine, a project I’ve dubbed Bitwise, where I want to share my passion and try to demonstrate by example how to build systems from scratch, with a low-level computing focus.

Sounds super cool, but also overwhelming. Did he really say, “spend a few years”? For a project that ambitious, you gotta have goals:

My goal with Bitwise is to show that these things can be done much more simply and quickly than people realize if we strongly favor simplicity over marginal gains in feature completeness or performance. The goal is not to outdo or compete with any existing product; the goal is to show how things work with real hardware and software.

I’m sold. I subscribed us to his Twitch channel and look forward to following along!


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