Blog-driven roadmap for Rust?  ↦

The Rust core team put out a post today titled “A call for blogs 2020” where they put Rust’s 2020 roadmap into the community’s hands, by way of blogging. Here’s the breakdown…

  • Anyone and everyone in the Rust community writes a blog post about what they’d like Rust development to be like in 2020.
  • The core team reads all the posts, and writes up a “Roadmap RFC” to make a formal proposal.
  • The RFC is reviewed by everyone, comments are made, adjustments are made, and eventually it is accepted.
  • This RFC is a guide to either accept or postpone RFCs for 2020. If a proposal fits into the themes of what we want to accomplish, we’ll take it, but if it doesn’t, we’ll put it off until the next year.

The core team will begin reviewing all the posts starting December 1 with a plan to produce the RFC draft a few weeks after.


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