Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #350

Boldly going where no data tools have gone before

Computer Scientist Yaw Anokwa joins the show to tell us how Open Data Kit is enabling data collection efforts around the world. From monitoring rainforests to observing elections to tracking outbreaks, ODK has done it all. We hear its origin story, ruminate on why it’s been so successful, learn how the software works, and even answer the question, “are people really using it in space?!” All that and more…


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2019-06-20T21:39:45Z ago

Dude, “ruminate”, nice.
Since I dont have anything to add to the conversation, thanks for being on the show yanokwa,

Jerod Santo

Jerod Santo

Omaha, Nebraska

Jerod co-hosts The Changelog, crashes JS Party, and takes out the trash (his old code) once in awhile.

2019-06-21T13:31:16Z ago

I appreciate how easy you are to impress 😜

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