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Efficient Linux at the CLI

This week we’re talking to Daniel J. Barrett, author of Efficient Linux at the Command Line as well as many other books. Daniel has a PhD and has been teaching and writing about Linux for more than 30 years (almost 40!). So we invited Dan to join us on the show to talk about efficient ways to use Linux. He teaches us about combining commands, re-running commands, $CDPATH hacks, and more.


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Daniel J. Barrett

Daniel J. Barrett

Boston, MA

Author of “Linux Pocket Guide,” “Efficient Linux at the Command Line,” and other O’Reilly books.

2023-07-06T18:04:18Z ago

Thanks so much for having me on the show! I’d like to make two small corrections where I misspoke:

0:15:36 - When talking about command substitution with backticks, I gave the command:

emacs `grep -wl word`

but grep also needs the names of files to search, so place an asterisk at the end:

emacs `grep -wl word *`

1:07:57 - I said “Type cd slash, and then a hyphen.” I meant: “Type cd SPACE, and then a hyphen.” In other words: cd -

It’s challenging to speak ad hoc Linux commands out loud. :-)

2023-07-10T16:19:48Z ago

Awesome show! Directory stack sounds super helpful!

2023-08-15T13:01:54Z ago

@jerodsanto Have you tried integrating fzf into your shell? It makes Ctrl-r even better! If you follow the installation instructions Using git it will prompt you during the install for the key bindings integrations. Not all of the package manager installation methods will do this part for you.

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