Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #386

Engineer to manager and back again

Lauren Tan joined us to talk about her blog post titled “Does it spark joy?” In this post Lauren shared the news of her resignation as an engineering manager at Netflix to return to being a software engineer. We examine the career trajectory of a software engineer and the seemingly inevitable draw to management for continued career growth. The idea of understanding “What are you optimizing for?” and whether or not what you’re doing truly brings you joy.


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2020-03-22T21:25:49Z ago

Thank you for this inspiring podcast episode! It contains a lot of food for thought for me. I am also currently in the process of rethinking my current career path: Should I continue to move towards a management role or do I still see my future more in the technical area?

When you talked about “fears” I had to think about Susan Jeffers’ book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. Here is a short summary of the book’s key messages:

Greetings from Austria,

2020-03-23T06:09:43Z ago

Wow so well articulated. I’m sharing so many flashbacks. I do think though that pendulum pattern should be the norm in order for us as society to progress because it will breakdown hierarchy and barrier of sterotypes.

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