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Every commit is a gift

Maintainer Week is finally here and we’re excited to make this an annual thing! If Maintainer Week is new to you, check out episode #442 with Josh Simmons and Kara Sowles.

Today we’re talking Brett Cannon. Brett is Dev Manager of the Python Extension for VS Code, Python Steering Council Member, and core team member for Python. He recently shared a blog post The social contract of open source, so we invited Brett to join us for Maintainer Week to discuss this topic in detail.

Thank a maintainer on us! We’re printing a limited run t-shirt that’s free for maintainers, and all you gotta do is thank them, today!


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2021-06-10T19:30:42Z ago

This is a very refreshing discussion! I love attention getting paid to this topic - that words matter, and even have a palpable cost (when negative) to open source.

I often noodle on the subject of how people behave on the internet. I happened to catch my near-80-year-old mom troll Matthew McConaughey on facebook. First of all, WHY is she following Matthew McConaughey on facebook? Secondly, my mom is a perfectly nice, reasonable person that raised us to treat others how we want to be treated…why does she think it’s ok to post nasty comments on the internet? Is it because it’s “not real life”? I almost think your average person’s normal viewpoint leans “troll” on the internet. I keep forgetting to ask her about it.

I wonder where we’ll be in a decade or two, or three. Maybe because of discussions like this ep, we’ll have evolved and look back at the archives and say, “wow, look how savagely people treated each other back then”.

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