Fancy Zones is an envious tiling window manager for Windows  ↦

Fancy Zones is a window manager that is designed to make it easy to arrange and snap windows into efficient layouts for your workflow and also to restore these layouts quickly. Fancy Zones allows the user to define a set of window locations for a desktop that are drag targets for windows. When the user drags a window into a zone, the windows is resized and repositioned to fill that zone.

I want this in my life. Anybody know of a similar tool for macOS?

Fancy Zones is an envious tiling window manager for Windows


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2019-09-17T12:10:08Z ago

For macOS, check out, chunkwm and its replacement, Yabai. There’s also Amethyst. You can quickly resize and arrange windows manually using the keyboard with tools like AppGrid or Spectacle.

Jerod Santo

Jerod Santo

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2019-09-17T13:24:35Z ago

Thanks for the recommends, @eddy! I use Moom currently for keyboard-based window management, but what I really like about Fancy Zones is how you can set up layouts and then drag windows over segments of the screen and they will snap into place. Does Yabai allow that type of thing? I can’t tell from the README…

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