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Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #472

AI-assisted development is here to stay

2021-12-17T22:00:00Z #ai +2 🎧 54,426

We’re joined by Eran Yahav — talking about AI assistants for developers. Eran has been working on this problem for more than a decade. We talk about his path to now and how the idea for Tabnine came to life, this AI revolution taking place and the role it will play in developer productivity, and we talk about the elephant in the room - how Tabnine compares to GitHub Copilot, and what they’re doing to make Tabnine the AI assistant for every developer regardless of the IDE or editor you choose.

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #342

From zero to thought leader in 6 months

2019-04-18T16:30:00Z #ux +2 🎧 28,219

We’re talking with Emma Bostian about going from zero to thought leader in 6 months. We talk about the nuances of UX including the differences between an UX Designer and a UX Engineer, we touch on “the great divide”, and we talk about Coding Coach — the open source project and community that Emma and others are building to connect software developers and mentors all over the world.

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