Fighting back against Google AMP  ↦

Marko Saric shared 6 ways to fight back against Google AMP and make your sites faster than AMP without using AMP.

There’s a popular thread on Hacker News with lots of people complaining about how Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is ruining their mobile web experience.

This week I also got two AMP links sent to me via Telegram and to see those Google URLs replacing unique domain names made me a bit sad on behalf of the owners of those sites. As a site owner myself, it feels like sovereignty of a website being taken away.

Here’s how you can fight back against Google AMP…


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2019-12-08T16:58:00Z ago

Nice points there! Any tips on how to strip out amp links if you’re trying to share a link from am amp site? I’ll still use Google search to quickly get a summary of an article, but often want to go to the original source or share a link to the original source. Some sites have a link to view the non-amp version, but most don’t. It’s annoying to have to try and strip out pieces of the address bar.

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