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FizzBuzz is FizzBuzz years old  ↦

Tom Wright:

This year marks 15 years since FizzBuzz was popularised as an interview tool for developers. I’m a big fan and have watched over 100 candidates try their hand at my version of the task. In today’s blog post I’d like to take a moment to celebrate what makes FizzBuzz so helpful, discuss some common patterns I’ve observed in the many attempts I’ve witnessed, and finally explore some tweaks that can be deployed to keep the challenge fresh.

Tom’s version of FizzBuzz is a pair programming task that follows strict TDD:

In proper pair programming style, the candidate is encouraged to discuss their approach with the interviewer. Likewise, they are free to use any online reference materials if they forget a method name or some syntax.

In this post he shares 3 common variants of the challenge including one that requires a pair of Azure Functions?!


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