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From Go on EC2 to Fly.io: +fun, −$9/mo  ↦

Ben Hoyt shares his experience switching two of his side projects from on an EC2 instance to Fly.io:

It took me about an hour to figure out the basics of Fly.io and move the simpler project, and a couple of evenings to move the more complex one. Fly.io handles the annoying reverse proxy and SSL stuff, deployment is as simple as fly deploy, and there’s a nice dashboard on Fly.io to show me what’s going on…

I’m only a few weeks into using Fly.io to host my side projects, but I’m very happy with their product so far. I was quite happy to delete the 500 lines of Ansible scripts, systemd unit files, and Caddy config files.

It also made me smile to finally stop the EC2 instance and bump my AWS bill down from $9 per month to about 10 cents per month (I still use S3 for user-uploaded images and for backups). I have nothing against EC2 and would use it again for certain things, but for small web applications, Fly.io seems like a great fit.


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