Practical AI Practical AI #228

From ML to AI to Generative AI

Chris and Daniel take a step back to look at how generative AI fits into the wider landscape of ML/AI and data science. They talk through the differences in how one approaches “traditional” supervised learning and how practitioners are approaching generative AI based solutions (such as those using Midjourney or GPT family models). Finally, they talk through the risk and compliance implications of generative AI, which was in the news this week in the EU.


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2023-06-22T15:02:12Z ago

I enjoyed this brief recent condensed history. On AI x-risk, however, I take issue with the implication that consciousness / sentience is linked to x-risk paths. Sentience is an orthogonal consideration, and also not a mainline argument position in the x-risk scenarios that most concerned and informed give greatest credence to. I get the sense that consciousness / sentience is coupled with a common strawman argument in these debates. It is, nevertheless, linked to a public conception of AI risk.

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