Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #445

Funds for open source

This week we’re talking with Pia Mancini about the latest updates to the mission of Open Collective. Earlier this year Open Collective announced “Funds for Open Source.” The idea is simple, make it easy for companies to invest in open source, and they will. Also, since recording this episode, Pia and the team at Open Collective along with Gitcoin announced as part of Maintainer Week announcements. And right now, they have a matching fund of $75,000 dollars funding open source that you can support.


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2021-06-29T19:39:08Z ago

I agree with you Jared…I’m a “round numbers” kind of person too! :-) There no way I’m just putting $43.62 in my gas tank. It will definitely going to be $44.00 and if all possible being pushed on up to $45!

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