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Generics aren’t ready for Go  ↦

Have you ever seen someone write something to the effect of “I would use Go, but I need generics”? Perhaps we can infer from this that many of the people who are pining after generics in Go are not, in fact, Go users.

The inertia of “what I’m used to” comes to a violent stop when they try to use Go. People affected by this frustration interpret it as a problem with Go, that Go is missing some crucial feature - such as generics. But this lack of features is itself a feature, not a bug.


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2019-02-20T12:05:22Z ago

I find this article somewhat frustrating. It ends up using a very condescending tone that effectively says “However Go solves the problem will be better than generics” dismissing all the work of other languages. It does the same around Go Modules, treating as a solution above all others. I get that people like the design of Go, but to say that people who want generics don’t “get” Go or use it on a regular basis shuts down conversation

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