Kevin Ball

GitHub stars !== usage: React is still blowing Vue and Angular away  ↦

KBall, on Vue’s ⭐️ count surpassing React’s:

Don’t get me wrong, I love Vue - I’ve been using it far more than React recently - but github stars are more of a measure of the “hipness” of a project than its actual use.

He backs that up by citing the preposterously low number of stars ‘earned’ by the Apache web server, which powers ~38% of websites. What is a useful metric, then?

There is no perfect measure - there are many many ways to install and use any of these projects - but NPM has become the de facto standard for installing JavaScript packages. If we look at download statistics for the core package of each of these frameworks - the vue package and the react package, that should give us a reasonable proxy for actual use.

Click through for his detailed findings, but the big takeaway is right there 👆 in the headline.


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