Heroku's "next chapter" doesn't include free plans  ↦

It is a very good thing for Salesforce to be more focused on Heroku’s future, but the glaring detail shared by Bob Wise today is the era of free on Heroku is over.

Here’s what they announced:

  • They launched an interactive product roadmap on GitHub
  • They are focusing on mission critical and will discontinue free product plans and delete inactive accounts
  • They are starting a program to support students and nonprofits
  • They will continue to contribute to open source projects, notably Cloud Native Buildpacks and offering Heroku credits to select open source projects through Salesforce’s Open Source Program Office (OSPO)


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2022-08-29T07:17:08Z ago

Has the hacker culture left Heroku? In the blog post, I see a lot of language focused on small / medium sized business, but none about celebrating the creativity of individuals and tiny teams. This is confusing to me, because I always felt that Heroku’s key strength was that as a single developer, you could focus entirely on your product, and outsource all the ops to the service. And it’s fantastic for that. The offering plays into it- great UX, great CLI, one click databases, simple developer mental models (12 factor). This is Heroku’s advantage, but it’s less relevant to established SMEs that they’re now focussing on.

So then the question is - if not the hackers, where are Heroku going to get new customers from? Because cloud ops is a hella crowded market.

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