How to start your blog in 2023  ↦

Yury Molodtsov:

Running your own blog in 2023 is still needlessly complicated, especially if you have any kind of taste. Why have one in the first place?

Social apps and networks are obviously the easiest options, but they’re geared toward vastly different things, and I just don’t trust their longevity. Having your own platform enables flexibility and portability, so your content can be kept online practically forever.


There are many options out there, ranging from WordPress and Ghost to static blogs to managed online platforms and How do you choose between them?

What follows is a survey of some of the popular tools and what Yury thinks about them. My advice is this: don’t worry too much about tooling. That’s the easy part. Writing’s the hard part. We often bike shed the easy parts to avoid the hard part. Yuri seems to agree:

Having the right tool certainly helps, but at the end of the day, what matters is what you write there. Focus more on the content and just ensure the process of writing and posting is simple enough.


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