Ship It! Ship It! #75

How runs on AWS, & GCP

Few genuinely need a multi-cloud setup. There is plenty of advice out there which mostly boils down to don’t do it, you will be worse off. is a startup that provides APIs for video and audio streaming. The hard part is real-time combined with massive scale - think hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections. They achieve this by using a combination of, AWS and GCP. Jason Carter, founder of Vex Communications, is joining us today to talk about the multi-cloud setup that runs.


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2022-11-18T12:34:21Z ago

Hi Gerhard,

Really nice topics on this podcast. Keep up with the good job.

At the company that I work for we are also doing something really cool stuff with a lot of Virtual Machines. At this moment we spin up about 1 Million CPUs per week. Basically we do a lot of testing using VMs and we created a platform to speed up the CI pipelines using GCP.

You can check this article:

Let me know if you are interested. Really nice lesson learned. For instance we started with k8s and then moved to serverless.

Regards, André

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