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Alex R

Alex R


2023-05-28T13:26:23Z ago

Lol, so confession… I don’t listen to podcasts in the shower…anymore, and I don’t think I had listened to a changelog podcast in the shower before.

But it’s because the audio is always terrible when in the shower 😅, or else I probably would listen to podcasts in the shower (& news would be a good candidate for it since it is so short 😂)

So, I don’t personally listen to you @jerodsanto but I could see how someone would 🤣

Alex R

Alex R


2023-05-28T13:42:21Z ago

I definitely have been missing backstage & didn’t know you’d retired it (just saw on the artwork).
I’m super happy that you’re bringing something back that similar (i.e. more informal & relaxed, instead of something else that keeps up that “forth wall”). Definitely looking forward to more episodes!

I will say, that release cadence does sound pretty tight. I know you two wouldn’t do something you didn’t think you could do, but if it ever becomes too much I definitely would listen to one less podcast to ensure you two don’t burn out! I’d prefer to have a little less than nothing at all, I’m sure others agree with my sentiment as well 😊

Also, I personally like knowing that having this as an offering is helping the changelog brand. I know podcast sponsorships are supposed to be a lot more difficult this year (and probably the next few), so I’m happy from a business standpoint this helps!

2023-05-29T03:06:41Z ago

God how much BS can you chat about nothing. Get on with it..

2023-05-30T00:15:18Z ago

Paused the episode to write this comment.

I regularly listen to the change log news in the shower. I have podcasts on for most of my morning getting ready and driving to work. The news is short enough to actually listen to in the shower so I start the day with that when it’s out.

2023-06-01T03:45:36Z ago

I would love to hear about home lab stuff. I’ve managed some of my own home file sharing, backups, or data archiving over the years. Now I’m wanting to build my own mini home cloud where I can easily spin up VMs, containers, Kubernetes, or Serverless systems to play with or experiment. I love experimenting with software and system, which is kind of like how my brother works in a garage with vehicles, swapping engines and transmissions, or cuts up a 4 door truck and suburban to build a 6 door truck with a bed that seats 8.

Adam Stacoviak

Adam Stacoviak

Austin, TX

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Changelog

2023-06-01T14:34:42Z ago

Noted. We’ll make it happen for sure. Thank you for sharing.

What gear do you have your eye on? Have you started on your LAN or this mini cloud yet?

2023-06-02T14:04:06Z ago

I have a Synology DS418 with 3x 8TB drives configured for (Synology Hybrid RAID - 1 drive fault tolerance) using Btrfs, providing about 14TB of usable storage that I have about 40% full. I use it as a dumping ground for files, ad-hoc backups, family photo/video archives and such. Some stuff is more organized than others, and I haven’t set it up for off site backups directly from the NAS since I moved everything to it the end of 2021 where everything that was moved to it has an off site backup. I don’t have a lot of data that changes or is added to it, and have so far just used it for a lot of data archival to get the data off some other system and make it accessible better than some floating external drive.

My local network is made up of all UniFi gear with a USG, CloudKey Gen2, some switches, one with POE injection, a few APs and a UniFi doorbell cam. The network is pretty solid, and I love the UniFi gear.

I have a tiny headless HP workstation sitting next to the NAS running Win10 with 4 cores and 16GB RAM, 256GB storage mostly idle. I’ve messed with using terraform to spin up VMs on Hyper-V with it, so I have some limited capacity there. I set it up to use an iSCSI connector with the NAS for a while when I had it running a Minecraft server, but always having a iSCSI connector attached to the NAS prevented the NAS from properly auto updating, and I’ve since removed that part of the setup there.

The mini cloud idea started because I want to play with Kubernetes and a better way to have some managed containers running all the time separate from my laptop and stuff. It would also be nice to experiment with some of the open source Serverless stuff to see what it takes to setup some of that. I want to use declarative tools such as Terraform, Packer, and Ansible to setup the VMs and then start experimenting with Kubernetes and Helm charts on top of those pieces. I want to play with Hashicorp Vault, Consul, and Nomad, and I want to setup a bunch of observability tools in an Elastic Stack. With those building block I could eventually build something/anything running locally as a distributed system, monitor and measure it all capturing distributed tracing and logging, then beat it up with some load testing tools or introduce some chaos to find where it all breaks. Lots of big ideas, and lots of work to build the foundation of a local playground for it.

I added a new Lenovo ThinkStation Tiny P-360 to the network last fall and slowly trying to figure out how I want to set it up to be able to provision VMs with Terraform on it. The new box that is about the size of an old external hard drive packs in a 12th gen Intel with 12 cores (20 threads / vCPUs) 32GB RAM, 1TB NVMe storage. I have it setup to operate headless wanting it to run as a Linux hypervisor. I had some expectations that I could just setup a simple Linux hypervisor and be going, but the journey hasn’t been so simple yet.

On the P360 I started trying with Ubuntu Server (because I plan on it being headless) but Server doesn’t have all the same hardware support as Ubuntu Desktop, and I had to figure out how to get all the Intel Pro 1000 drives files onto it to compile the network driver because what is shipped with the install media doesn’t work on the box. I then messed with getting Canonical MicroStack setup on Server but found it has some limitations for storage and networking with how I want to use Terraform to provision multiple VMs on it for use on my network. I’ve setup VMs with Terraform on other OpenStack cloud providers before (Rackspace Cloud, OVH) so I probably had too high of initial expectations for MicroStack.

While I got Ubuntu Server running eventually, I had some intermittent issues with basic networking that didn’t make much sense to me where it was like the network interface would just go to sleep after a while and not allow me to remote SSH into it, so I scrapped Server and setup Ubuntu Desktop, then figured out how to set it up so I can RDP into the GUI. After I got RDP working, I messed with installing the GPU driver for the Nvidia T400 4GB it has, so maybe I could mess with some of the AI things out there like using OpenAI whisper to translate and transcribe some video files.

The direction I think I’m headed is to get LVM and libvirt setup on the P360 running Ubuntu Desktop and target that with Terraform to provision VMs.

Adam Stacoviak

Adam Stacoviak

Austin, TX

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Changelog

2023-06-04T15:01:02Z ago

Wow, thanks for sharing. Homelabs are for sure about learning. Old hardware, new hardware, various Linux flavors…it’s all about getting to know what’s out there and how it works. For me, since I have limited time, I’ve not introduced Kubernetes. I’m Ubuntu Server and Docker thus far. Also Proxmox, but I’ve hit some hurdles with passing through PCIe devices.

Unifi all the way on my LAN too.

Homelabs should bring learning and delight.

2023-06-02T05:26:31Z ago

Getting caught up. Dig your latest work. I am no way close to your typical listener (I think). I am a ++ direct supporter to make sure you continue adding to my self development. It is important as I have discovered the new world of ChangeLog stuff and vibes!

After 30 years in the military I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for this “second adventure” and several opportunities presented themselves leading me to discovering ChangeLog and Data Science writ large.

Keep it up!
Each episode I strive to arrive at a point where I understand 80% of this content and 90% of the sound bites. Friends is a cherry on top on my discovery. Dang.

2023-06-02T14:54:46Z ago

True story: I do listen to podcasts in the shower (headphones are waterproof and everything) and by pure chance I was taking a shower when I was listening to this one.

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