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Adam Stacoviak changelog.com/posts

👋 Welcome Tim Smith!

I’m excited to welcome Tim Smith as our newest team member and Senior Producer. Tim joins the team to help us take our podcasts and films to the next level. I’ve known Tim for many years (since 2012) and I’m truly excited to have him on our team to help us continue to grow and produce some really awesome content. Please take a moment to hop in Slack and say hi to Tim or send a tweet his direction.

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Jerod Santo brave.com

You can now support our work with the Brave browser ✊

In retrospect, becoming a Brave Publisher was a no-brainer. We’re big fans/supporters of: Independent publishers New sustainability models Brandon Eich (listen to this RFC if you haven’t yet) Real-world cryptocurrency use cases So, if you appreciate the news and podcasts we’ve been producing for the past decade, please consider browsing our site with Brave and throwing a few BAT into the proverbial tip jar. 💚

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