iPhone XS is a whole new camera  ↦

We don’t nerd out much here in the newsfeed about Apple hardware on the regular. We mostly save that for behind the scenes in #applenerds in Slack — join in.

BUT — I’ve been on the fence about the new iPhone. I currently use an iPhone 7 Plus, which is a great phone, and has a decent camera. I take lots of photos, so the camera on the iPhone is one of the main reasons I have it in my pocket. I’ve been resisting the upgrade mainly due to the sheer cost of the newest models. However, the camera may be what gets me to make the move.

After seeing this video from Unbox Therapy, I decided to wait for the next rev or more details on the camera to surface. Then I read this post from Sebastiaan…the camera and image science behind the new XS (and XS Max) is giving me some serious FOMO.

iPhone XS is a whole new camera


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