It's time to get back into RSS  ↦

Some of us never left, but for those who did… it is most definitely time to return to the good ole’ days. Why is it more important now than ever? Disintermediation, that’s why.

It was a direct connection between creators and consumers. By adding someone’s feed to your RSS reader you were saying, “Yes, I’d like to subscribe to your interpretation of reality.”

By curating the feeds in your reader, you were curating your view of the world. And that was made up of hundreds or thousands of individual voices.


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Jerod Santo

Jerod Santo

Omaha, Nebraska

Jerod co-hosts The Changelog, crashes JS Party, and takes out the trash (his old code) once in awhile.

2020-05-19T15:55:23Z ago

OP is a big fan of Feedly, which I’ve heard good things about, but never tried.

Long-time listeners know I’ve been on Feedbin ever since Google announced Reader’s shuttering.

We even had the creator of Feedbin on The Changelog years back talking about RSS’ “resurgence”. Wishful thinking by us? 😆

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