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Let’s fix the good old command line

Manuel Vila:

We are using more and more command-line tools, and while many of them are really good, I think they could be even better if they were based on more modern foundations. Because our tools are based on ancient paradigms (*nix, Bash, etc.), it's difficult for them to be both customizable and easy to use.

After working for a year trying to solve this problem, he came up with "resources", which he says:

brings an object-oriented interface to the command-line tools, making them a lot more flexible, composable, and user-friendly.

The curmudgeon in me immediately thought, "old dog ... new tricks", but Manuel has a reply ready:

I am well aware that I am not going to change 50 years of old practices by myself. It has to be a collective effort. So I'm trying to communicate as much as I can to find the few people crazy enough to join the adventure.

Are you "crazy enough" to go on the adventure with him? Click through to find out more.

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