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Alex R

Alex R


2022-02-14T22:16:18Z ago

So, I was thinking (in the spirit of automation) you talked about a lot of the show notes having broken links. While it might not be a solution for all the currently broken links, one of the things you could do to prevent it in the future is having a GH action (or some type of CD) that would run on all the links in newly added show notes (or just generally committed to show notes repo).

The CD could go through all the links in the show notes and submit a request to the WBM (wayback machine) to snapshot the website currently (could possibly put some logic in there to not send the request if one already exists). Then if the link ever does become broken (i.e. it’s gone) you could just swap the reference the wildcard for that page in WBM like this: https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://changelog.com/. That way they’ll get linked to the most recent version of that page, and in theory (once this process is started) there should be at least one good snapshot from whenever you initially posted the show notes.

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