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Making Windows Terminal awesome

Kayla Cinnamon, Program Manager at Microsoft for Windows Terminal, Console, Command Line, and Cascadia Code joined us to talk about the release of Windows Terminal 1.0 and the new Windows command-line experience. We talk about everything that went into rethinking the command line experience on Windows, the UX and UI design behind it all, the learnings of working in open source, and what’s to come for the Windows command line experience.


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2020-08-01T00:13:47Z ago

In the podcast, it’s suggested that Window’s accept forward slash in order to win over Linux users. Powershell already supports this, try “dir c:/users/”

2020-09-02T19:18:14Z ago

Linux uses those same terms for terminal and shell.

Terminal (emulator) pretends to be the hardware of the old teletype terminals. When you Ctrl+Alt+F_ on Linux, those are called psudo-terminals. They take the input and pass it to the shell via stdin, and display stdout and stderr.

The shell is the software you interact with inside the terminal. eg: bash (aka Bourne again shell) takes the input from the terminal and lets you type your command then runs what you say.

Jerod Santo

Jerod Santo

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2020-09-03T13:26:27Z ago

Well said!

What is the “command-line” then? Literally the place where you type your commands into the terminal and have them passed to the shell for execution?

2020-12-29T11:59:18Z ago

“command line” or “command prompt” are logical things - i.e there aren’t actual parts that are these things, it’s more of a state of mind.
Your definition is probably fine, but if I’d try to be formal about it then I’d say that “being at the command prompt” or “command line” is the state where the shell has presented a command prompt (sent it to the terminal for display) and we are now waiting on the user to figure out what text to send back to the shell.

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