Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #428

Open source civilization

This week we’re talking about open source industrial machines. We’re joined by Marcin Jakubowski from Open Source Ecology where they’re developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and they’re sharing their designs online for free. The goal is to create an efficient open source economy that increases innovation through open collaboration. We talk about what it takes to build a civilization from scratch, the Open Building Institute and their Eco-Building Toolkit, the right to repair movement, DIY maker culture, and how Marcin plans to build 10,000 micro factories worldwide where anyone can come and make.


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2021-02-08T20:41:37Z ago

Cool ep! I guess I hadn’t thought that much about the open source model outside of software. I love the idea of an open-source “Diesel Motor Foundation” a la Apache. If it had momentum, by nature the product would be superior to any one manufacturer’s for the same reasons Apache was always better than IIS. That’s a very interesting concept! Having said that I do love my Cummins diesel :P

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