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The post-log4j-zero-day thinkpieces started rolling in over the weekend. I’m happy about that. We need to discuss this stuff. Here’s what Christine Dodrill’s TL;DR:

If you want me to make you useful software, pay me. If you use software made by others in their spare time and find it useful, pay them. This should not be a controversial opinion. This should not be a new thing. This should already be the state of the world and it is amazingly horrible for us to have the people that make the things that make our software work at all starve and beg for donations.

The entire article is worth considering.


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2021-12-13T15:47:22Z ago

Hey, I’m the author of this post if anyone has any questions. I didn’t expect my angry rant about the state of the industry to have so much sticking power. I do admit that I intentionally supplied an unworkable compromise in the article, I was angry when I wrote this, but my intent was really to get people thinking about the issue. I don’t know if this is really possible to truly reform with our current societal reward structures, but at least I’d like to get people thinking critically about the problem.

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