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Brandon Quakkelaar:

I am not a big social media guy anymore. Over the last few years I’ve been actively avoiding it. I’m not a fan of each platform’s privacy concerns, and users need to be very cautious to avoid flamewars and infinite doomscrolling. If we aren’t careful, social media’s default state seems to devolve into just destroying trust and goodwill. I prefer society in real life.

However, avoiding social media means that we lose a lot of interesting articles, funny memes, and informative videos that are shared on those platforms.

In case you haven’t guessed it, he goes on to prescribe RSS as the solution to this problem. I have a half-written blog post titled, “RSS is the indie social network we’ve been looking for”… so I tend to agree with him.


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2021-10-29T19:46:49Z ago

Reading this from my feedly account i can’t agree more. Especially with that kind of federation platform, where content is cached and shared. It’s a better, ecological solution than any other social medias to stay in touch with your interests.

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