Talent is largely a myth  ↦

As it turns out, most of what we hear about “talent” in the software industry is just plain wrong and based on naive and deprecated models if not outright self delusions.

The author goes on to explain how talent is multi-dimensional, isn’t static, and isn’t linear… then concludes by ruminating on these questions:

If all of these prevalent assumptions about talent are wrong, what does it say about our hiring and management practices? what do managers even mean when they set out to hire “good developers” given that their goodness cannot be measured and is highly volatile?

Related: I shared an Unpopular Opinion on my recent Go Time appearance (though Kris Brandow is convinced it will be actually popular) in this area of thought: I believe a primary trait shared by successful software developers is stubbornness. Not talent/intellect necessarily, but that downright refusal to give up until a solution is found. Listen in starting here and let me know if you agree or disagree in the discussion.


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