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What does Cognitect’s acquisition by financial services firm Nubank mean for the future of Clojure? Will it remain fully open source? Will its new corporate overlord make it into a purely financial services language? Listen to this podcast episode from ThoughtWorks or grok the transcript if you want to skip the listen…

Clojure’s license and contribution model has been consistent since the beginning and continues to be that today. And that’s important because it’s something that businesses build on, and if you don’t have confidence about that… And it’s designed not only to do that, but to actually make it not capable of being rolled back. It’s part of what these licenses are about. Obviously, anybody who has contributed to Clojure can choose to stop contributing tomorrow. I can take my toys and go home. Well, actually, I can’t. I can just go home. That’s right. Any toys I’ve made already, they’re there for everybody. And so, that’s important, and it’s important to Nubank. … I say “they” because this is I’m thinking about pre-deal. They wanted to do this deal because they want a thriving ecosystem around something that’s working for them. And we would be happy to see Clojure as the dominant language for financial services worldwide.


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