Changelog & Friends Changelog & Friends #27

The state of homelab tech (2024)

Techno Tim is back with Adam to discuss the state of homelab in 2024 and the trends happening within homelab tech. They discuss homelab environments providing a safe place for experimentation and learning, network improvement as a gateway to homelab, trends in network connection speeds, to Unifi or not, storage trends, ZFS configurations, TrueNAS, cameras, home automation, connectivity, routers, pfSense, and more.

Umm, should we make these conversations between Adam and Tim more frequent?


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2024-01-21T19:34:22Z ago

Almost finished with the episode, I dip in and out of the feed.
The discussions of disk performance seems to have left out the performance of the channel from disk to memory, on consumer grade stuff that’s just not great. It’s usually good enough for the things you were discussing though.
I have turned a consumer desktop system into a Linux host with VMs, OK, two of those, a laptop too.
I use the VMs to learn new things, recently Ansible. I wrote it up for my team at work, hoping that others will spin up a few VMs and play, so far not much in the line of takers. This link says why I do it.

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