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The war for the soul of open source

Adam Jacob (co-founder and board member of Chef) joins the show to talk about the keynote he’s giving at OSCON this week. The keynote is titled “The war for the soul of open source.” We talked about what made open source great in the first place, what went wrong, the pitfalls of open core models, licensing, and more.

By the way, we’re at OSCON this week so if you make your way to the expo hall, make sure you come by our booth and say hi.


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2019-08-09T13:59:31Z ago

Sorry for being that guy, but how did you get through this entire (lucid, passionate, beautiful) conversation without mentioning Richard Stallman? (Or his four freedoms, to keep his personality out of it …)

He is also opposed to the Open Source utility argument, but he sees more significance in the social aspect of engaging with a community of peers. He recognises that as software defines more of our world, it needs to be Free/Libre in order for people to be first-class citizens, empowered to have real insight and agency in shaping this world.

Adam may well not agree with his standpoint, but I found it kinda dismaying that it did not come up at all.

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