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2021-02-27T17:13:55Z ago

So many great ideas discussed and barbed comments exchanged! :P Matt was a fun guest. I think unpopular opinions should be more frequent, because I find myself exclaiming “RIGHT!?!” out loud as I’m walking down the street.

I particularly agree with the stuff around eslint getting out of control and JS people should chill out on the dogmatism. Cuz at the very least if you’re dogmatic you end up at risk for eating crow…like the “CSS should always be in a separate file” people (to Matt’s point). I’m talking to you, people who write judgey, click-baity blog posts like “If you’re [doing something the author doesn’t like], you’re wasting time” or “Stop [doing this thing the author doesn’t like] in your code”.

Also like the “the framework really doesn’t matter” idea. And “that’s very clever, can you rewrite it the long way so we can read it?” (HAH! guilty) And Matt’s jingles!

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