The Changelog The Changelog #493

What even is a DevRel?

This week Lee Robinson joins us to talk about his journey as a DevRel. We talk about what it means to be a DevRel, what orgs they fall under, how he runs his team at Vercel, Lee’s three pillars of DevRel: education, community, and product, we compare the old days of DevRel vs now, and of course what makes a DevRel a good DevRel.


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2022-06-21T14:23:11Z ago

Great episode, as always. Lots of good food for thought - most importantly (in my opinion) the importance of being genuine when it comes to developer advocacy. I was reminded of the scene in “Miracle on 34th Street” (never thought I’d be talking about that in reference to software engineering, but here we are …) where the people at Macy’s start to learn the value of referring customers elsewhere when they don’t have a specific product; likewise, the worst thing we can do is be disingenuous when talking about the software we write and are responsible for.

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