Chip Huyen

What we look for in a resume  ↦

Chip Huyen:

When we actively hire, our startup gets 150 - 200 applications each month. I read every single one of them. Sometimes, I’d talk to a candidate and see that what we perceived as their strongest aspects actually weren’t included in their resume. Occasionally, a candidate would tell me that they didn’t expect their resume to still be screened by humans – had they known, they would have written their resume differently.

The resume evaluation process is pretty much a black box for most candidates. And it is so because few hiring managers have publicly discussed this. I thought I should start the conversation.

Chip’s team mostly hires for infra and ML roles, so some of the advice here will be catered towards those positions. Still, if you’re on the job market you’d be well-served by spending 15-20 minutes reading this post and tweaking your resume where applicable.


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