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Ship It! Ship It! #42

Kubernetes in Kubernetes

2022-03-05T15:00:00Z #ops +1 🎧 9,495

This week we have the pleasure of Rich Burroughs, Senior Developer Advocate at Loft Labs and host of the Kube Cuddle podcast.

We talk about multitenancy in Kubernetes and how to run Kubernetes in Kubernetes with vcluster. If you are using KiND, you will find this episode interesting, and maybe even helpful.

We also talk about the role that Kelsey Hightower played in Rich joining the CNCF ecosystem. The key take-away is that people make all the difference.

ADHD is something that Rich thinks about often. Gerhard was curious about the difference between ADHD and burnout, as well as this Twitter thread on re-reading sent emails.

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