Changelog Interviews – Episode #184

Discussing Vue.js and Personal Projects

with Evan You

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Evan You joined the show to talk about Vue.js - his library for building web interfaces. We discussed what Vue.js offers, what makes it different, why developers should trust this project even if it’s “just a personal project” that’s not backed by an enterprise or a large team.



Codeship – If it works with Docker, it works with Codeship Jet.

Opbeat for Node.js – Build faster Node.js apps. Instantly pinpoint performance issues, and optimize your code. Install in minutes.

Braintree – Start accepting PayPal, Bitcoin, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay, cards, and whatever’s next – all with a single integration.

DigitalOcean – Use the code CHANGELOG to get a $10 hosting credit when you create a new DigitalOcean account

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