The Changelog – Episode #531

Goodbye Atom. Hello Zed.

with Nathan Sobo

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This week we’re talking with Nathan Sobo about his next big thing. Nathan is known for his work on the Atom editor while at GitHub. But his work wasn’t finished when he left, so…he started Zed, a high-performance multiplayer editor that’s engineered for performance. And today, Nathan talks us through all the details.



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1 00:00 This week on The Changelog
2 00:52 Start the show!
3 02:38 Tetris!
4 08:20 What's the mission of Zed?
5 15:39 When GitHub was acquired
6 22:49 Performance, extensibility, collaboration
7 29:11 Sponsor: Postman
8 31:59 GPUI invented here
9 38:30 Zed is going big
10 48:35 Paging Chris Wanstrath!
11 48:53 Engineered for performance
12 52:03 Are you hiring?
13 57:49 What's the business model?
14 1:02:40 What makes a dev change?
15 1:05:50 This multi-player world
16 1:14:21 What can devs expect?
17 1:18:06 Fast tooling is fast
18 1:25:02 Closing out the show
19 1:25:49 Outro


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