Changelog Interviews – Episode #567

Bringing Dev Mode to Figma

with Emil Sjölander, Engineering Manager @ Figma

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This week on we’re joined by Emil Sjölander from Figma — talking about bringing Dev Mode to Figma. Dev Mode is their new workspace in Figma that’s designed to bring developers and design to the same tool.

The question they’re trying to answer is “How do you create a home for developers in a design tool?” We go way back to Emil’s startup that was acquired by Figma called Visly, how we iterated to here from 20 years ago (think PSD > HTML days), what they did to build Dev Mode, what they’re doing around codegen, the popularity of design systems, and what it takes to go from zero to Dev Mode.



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1 00:00 This week on The Changelog
2 01:14 Sponsor: Neon
3 05:53 Start the show!
4 06:37 Visly > Figma
5 10:13 Iterating to here
6 13:30 Remember PSD to HTML?
7 15:09 Throwback to Grooveshark
8 19:46 Getting to Dev Mode
9 25:31 Sponsor: Socket
10 28:55 Building Dev Mode
11 43:40 Is codegen the end game?
12 47:59 Is codegen production code?
13 49:17 Sponsor: Traceroute
14 50:52 How popular are design systems?
15 53:29 Design systems not required
16 54:42 From zero to Dev Mode
17 57:59 Using Dev Mode to build Dev Mode?
18 1:00:52 Is Visly at all present in this?
19 1:02:21 PSD > PTSD > OMG!
20 1:05:28 Figma as a developer platform
21 1:14:07 We can't talk about AI
22 1:14:55 Poll + next week!


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