Changelog Interviews – Episode #90

Pair Programming and Ruby

with Avdi Grimm

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Adam Stacoviak, Andrew Thorp, and Steve Klabnik talk about pair programming, distributed teams, workflows, Ruby and more with Avdi Grimm.


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  • Avdi Grimm (avdi) on Twitter
    80% angel, 10% daemon, the rest is hard to explain.
  • Pair Program With Me
    Pair widely. Pair often. Ready to broaden your pair-programming horizons, but need some help getting started? Here are some links to talks, guides, and tools for successfully pair-programming beyond your office.
  • Wide Teams | The blog for geographically dispersed organizations
    Wide Teams is a blog and podcast about geographically dispersed teams, with an emphasis on software development teams. It covers all aspects of remote collaboration, including how to get started, interviews with active practitioners, tool reviews, and much more.
  • Ruby Rogues (podcast)
    A great Podcast that Avdi is a part of covering all things Ruby.
  • Ruby Tapas | Short Screencasts of Gourmet Ruby
    RubyTapas is for the busy Ruby or Rails developer who is ready to reach the next level of code mastery. Short screencasts twice a week will introduce you to a wide variety of intermediate to advanced Ruby concepts and techniques, as well as core Object-Oriented design principles.
  • PeepCode | Programming and Development Tutorial Screencasts for Web Developers and Alpha Geeks
    The original Open Source video tutorials for professional web developers and designers. Since 2006, we’ve been your source for technical entertainment, education, and the best explanations around.
  • RailsCasts | Ruby on Rails Screencasts
    RailsCasts is produced by Ryan Bates (rbates on Twitter and ryanb on GitHub). A free episode will be released on the first Monday of each month featuring tips and tricks with Ruby on Rails.
  • Exceptional Ruby: Master the art of handling failure in Ruby
    Exceptional Ruby is an in-depth guide to exceptions and failure handling in Ruby. Over 100 pages of content and dozens of working examples cover everything from the mechanics of how exceptions work to how to design a robust failure management architecture for your app or library. Whether you are a Ruby novice or a seasoned veteran, Exceptional Ruby will help you write cleaner, more resilient Ruby code.
  • tmux | a terminal multiplexer
    It lets you switch easily between several programs in one terminal, detach them (they keep running in the background) and reattach them to a different terminal. And do a lot more.
  • Pair with me! - Changelog
    Some explanation of what “Pair With Me” is covered by Adam Stacoviak on Changelog!
  • Confident Code
    A talk given by Avdi about code that tells a narrative.
  • Avdi Grimm | SpeakerRate
    Past and Future talks given by Avdi – let the world know how awesome He is!
  • Steve Klabnik Hacking on RubyGems while listening to Ke$ha
    A video of Steve writing some Ruby. Undeniably, Ke$ha is the best source of music when hacking on RubyGems.
  • Beverly Nelson (@bnlson) on Twitter
    A developer @purecharity. Beverly works with Adam and Andrew in their day job. Passionate about teaching, she is involved in many ruby communities.
  • Ruby Friends on GitHub
    Community starts with friendships!
  • Angela Harms (@angelaharms) on Twitter
    Avdi’s Programming Hero. She loves Agile Development, Programming, Spirituality and ‘Unschooling.’


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