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Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #110

Capistrano and Burnout

2013-10-30T12:30:00Z 🎧 27,358

Adam and Andrew talk with Lee Hambley about some serious subjects such as Capistrano 3.0/2.0, open source burnout, various conversations around deploying, Ruby, respect, handing over the reigns and more. If you hack on open source or run an open source project, you should listen to this episode.

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #105

Ghost Blogging Platform

2013-09-26T13:00:00Z 🎧 27,669

Andrew and Adam talk with John O’Nolan about his open source blogging platform Ghost written in JavaScript (Node.js), and how he and his team are working hard to create this beautifully designed platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing.

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #104

Kickstarting Espruino

2013-09-20T06:15:00Z 🎧 23,312

Andrew and Jerod talk with Gordon Williams about his hardware/software open source project called Espruino that’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Espruino is the world’s first JavaScript microcontroller for beginners or experts, now open source.

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