Adam Stacoviak

A new look

Well as some of you have noticed, things have been a bit quiet around here this week.

Fear not, we’re not about to stop covering the fast-moving world of open source. We’ve just been working to give The Changelog a fresh coat of paint.

We love Tumblr, but creating custom themes isn’t the easiest workflow in the world. Fortunately, Wynn’s Fumblr project let’s us use Compass and Sass to speed things up a bit. We are also using Mark Wunsch’s Tumblr gem to post articles and episodes right from the command line.

New features

Some highlights of the new design include

  • Easy access the latest episode right from the header or from the /latest vanity URL
  • Browse all episodes from the new Episodes page
  • Goodbye, Flash, hello HTML5 audio for devices that support it (including iPad). For other browsers that don’t support MP3s in HTML5 (we’re looking at you FF on Mac) we’re using the 1 Bit audio player
  • Meet your contributors. Many of you didn’t know that Adam and Wynn weren’t the only Changeloggers. Meet Micheil, Kenneth, and Tim

[UPDATE]: How could I forget one of the biggest new items? We now have syntax highlighting as seen here using the nifty Prettify from Google.


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