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annyang! lets your users control your site with voice commands

annyang! is an awesome little JavaScript library by Tal Ater that adds voice commands to your site via webkitSpeechRecognition. Using annyang! is as easy as:

if (annyang) {
  // Let's define a command.
  var commands = {
    'show tps report': function() { $('#tpsreport').show(); }

  // Initialize annyang with our commands

  // Start listening.

You’ll definitely want to see this one in action, so make sure to visit the project’s homepage where there are multiple demos.

annyang! only works in browsers that support webkitSpeechRecognition, so it should be used as an enhancement to your site unless you have a very specific audience.

And if you’re wondering about the name… yes. It is in reference to the hilarious Arrested Development character by the same (phonetic) name. Tal took creative liberty with the spelling to make sure the name wasn’t too annoying for those who don’t get the reference.

I pleaded with Tal to match the official spelling, but he simply responded with further Arrested Development references. I think the guy might have a problem. ;)


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